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欢乐学华文课堂:徐老师华文补习班 Online Chinese Tuition with Xu Laoshi

嗨, 你好!我是徐晓利老师。 我是一名华文补习老师, 为中小学生提供微型小组(2-4人)线上华文补习班。 我毕业于中国辽宁师范大学汉语言文学专业。

Hi, I am Xu Laoshi. I provide online Chinese tuition for primary and secondary school students in small groups of two to four students. I graduated from Liaoning Normal University, a teacher training university in China.

我的教学经验 My Teaching Experience

I have 20 years of teaching experience in China and have consistently been assessed as a high-calibre secondary school teacher. I have further conducted Chinese tuition in Singapore for another 10 years.

学习方式 Mode of Instruction

I conduct online tuition via ClassDo virtual collaboration rooms platform.

我的学生和家长们的感想及推介 Testimonials from My Students and Their Parents

我是你理想的补习老师 Why Choose Me as Your Chinese Tutor

I believe that every child can uncover his or her interest and grow confidence in learning Chinese. I seek to help each and every one of my students achieve this, even the weaker students, through encouraging and praising their effort and hard work.

费用 Fees

年级 / 每堂课时辰 费用
P1-P2 每人每堂课1小时 1星期2堂课,每堂课 S$30 /1星期1堂课,每堂课 S$35
P3-P4 每人每堂课1.5小时 1星期2堂课,每堂课 S$40 /1星期1堂课,每堂课 S45
P5-P6 每人每堂课1.5小时 1星期2堂课,每堂课 S$45 /1星期1堂课,每堂课 S$50
S1-S2 每人每堂课1.5小时 1星期2堂课,每堂课 S$50 /1星期1堂课,每堂课 S$55
S3-S4 每人每堂课1.5小时 1星期2堂课,每堂课 S$55 /1星期1堂课,每堂课 S$60


For students who sign up for the 2 lessons/week package and pay the fees on a quarterly basis, I offer four free lessons during SA1 and SA2 exam preparation to further boost their revision.

徐老师: +6583374075 (WhatsApp), xuxiaoli1967 (Wechat)

林老师:+6598573410 (WhatsApp), linchenyi591518 (Wechat)