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What's new on ClassDo!

26 Nov 2019

Edit your user profile name

22 Nov 2019

A better, more flexible way to manage your members' roles

More prominent alerts on the new Notifications Bar

Oct 2019

Import images into your virtual room content

Sep 2019

Rename your content files for easier retrieval

Sep 2019

Access room usage fee details with breakdown, new search and filter functions

14 Aug 2019

Update your room status


As a room admin, you can now provide a short description for your room to serve as room status or announcement to your room members, such as to inform them about when the next meeting or lesson is.

6 Aug 2019

Know who's online and in which room


With the new user status display on the Room Landing Page, you can now tell at a glance which room member is already in live collaboration in the room, and which member is in live collaboration in another room in the organisation. If there is no status displayed, it means that the room member is not in the room yet.

30 Jul 2019

Two-way anonymised poll for pop quiz, survey and Q&A


Make use of the new poll feature to engage your room members, get their feedback, elicit Q&As, or run a pop quiz to test your students' understanding. Choose from three answer formats for your poll question - multiple choice, check box, or text-based.



After the poll is closed, the user who created the poll will be able to see the results of the poll on his or her screen.

22 Jul 2019

ClassDo Chat (beta version)


Leave messages for your room members on ClassDo Chat. In this beta version, use the 'Attach' function in this pre-room chat to upload and share files into the virtual room with one another without having to enter the room. This makes tasks like distributing pre-meeting reading materials and submitting completed homework a breeze!

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, .jpeg and .png files are all feasible. File attachments in the chat will automatically be synced with and appear under the Content tab inside the virtual room.

20 Jul 2019

Never run out of usage credits with Auto Top-Up


With the new Auto Top-Up feature, you can enjoy smooth, disruption-free virtual collaboration with peace of mind every time. No need to keep checking your usage credits balance and topping it up manually any more!

18 Jul 2019

See other room members' internet signal strength


In addition to being able to get an indication of the strength of your own internet connection, you can now also do the same for your other room members' internet connections. Simply mouse over their videoscreens to diplay the internet signal strength indicator next to their names.

16 Jul 2019

Easier way to add room admin rights to user


Need to assign another room member to become a second meeting host, trainer or teacher of a virtual room, so that he or she will have the same room admin rights as you, the room creator/owner? Now you can do it conveniently from the Organisation -> Rooms -> Members page, without having to enter the virtual room itself.

8 Jul 2019

Upload, revise and review your documents privately in the new Library mode


As a room member, you can now enter the room via the new "View Library" feature to access your collaboration or learning materials privately, any time you want, without needing your room admin (ie meeting host, trainer or teacher) to be in the room with you. Best of all, everyone belonging to the same room can access the materials concurrently, privately - without interrupting one another - as videochat is disabled in the Library mode. So you can read, review, revise, annotate, type, sketch, do your assignment, upload completed assignment online, etc in the Library mode without worrying about accidentally 'bumping' into your co-learners or co-workers!


All changes and additions you make to the resources in the Library mode are autosaved, so that you can always access the most updated versions when you resume live collaboration.

If you enter a room for a live collaboration session earlier and your room admin is not in yet, you will be redirected to the Library mode where you can read your materials while waiting for the room admin to enter the room.

When your room admin enters the room while you are in the Library mode, you will be prompted with a message in a pop-up dialog box as to whether you wish to switch to 'Live Collaboration' or remain in the Library mode for your personal revision.

1 Jul 2019

New billing and payment user interface


One-stop page for organisation admins to check your organisation account's usage credits balance, top up credits, monitor usage charges and see payment/top-up history.

26 Apr 2019

Brand new, contemporary-looking user interface

Desktop/laptop interface:

Mobile interface:

Find the organisations and rooms you belong to easily in a clean-looking user interface (UI).

24 Apr 2019

Test your device easily with our built-in Device Checker tool




Not sure if your device is all good to go for you to start collaborating on ClassDo? Simply launch our built-in Device Checked by clicking on "Start Live Collaboration" in your virtual room welcome page, or activating 'Test your device' under your personal settings (right panel). You will be guided step-by-step to test your browser version, webcam, microphone and speaker in a matter of seconds.

If anything does not seem to be working properly, you can also access useful troubleshooting tips within the Device Checker.

10 Apr 2019



You can now create your own organisation and upload your organisation logo by yourself. Need to change the name or logo subsequently? You can also do this easily under Organisation Settings.

8 Apr 2019

Rename Typepad files


Now you can rename each Typepad files as you wish. This makes it easier for you to locate the relevant file you need for review or revision, in the Typepad list at the bottom of your virtual room.

5 April 2019

Organisation and room names on every room


Always know exactly which virtual room you are collaborating in.

3 Apr 2019

Absentees' videos hidden for a cleaner user interface


Only the videos of those who are in live collaboration in the room are shown. To see who has not entered the room into live collaboration yet, click on "Show Absentees".

1 Apr 2019

Assign multiple room admins


If you are a room admin, you can now appoint another room member to be your covering or co-trainer, co-teacher, or co-meeting host and he or she will have the same admin rights as yourself. Just go to Tools -> Assign Room Members Roles.

Room admins have exclusive rights to activate certain features, such as recording, quick invite, muting others' audio, and switching between interaction modes.

29 Mar 2019

See room member's name, internet signal on videoscreen


Mouse over any user's videoscreen to display his or her name. This is particularly useful for identifying participants readily in a big group collaboration.

You can also check the strength of your own internet connection with the internet signal strength indicator shown next to your name.

26 Mar 2019

Switch your virtual room to fullscreen with a click


Expand your virtual room screen to fill up the entirety of your device screen with just one easy click. You'll enjoy an optimal visual experience where your screen space is not cluttered by menu bars and icons.

To restore the normal screen size, simply click on "Fullscreen" again.

22 Mar 2019

Identify active speaker easily


Never have to guess who's speaking when. The videoscreen of the active speaker of the moment will be outlined in green and moved dynamically right to the top of the room members' videoscreens.

18 Mar 2019

Turn off video


Getting fuzzy videostreaming due to weak internet connection? You can choose to mouse over your videoscreen and turn off your own video to save bandwidth for optimising your audio. You can also activate this feature when you wish to collaborate without showing your face.

If you are a room admin, you can also turn off the video of other room members.

11 Mar 2019

Mute audio


Taking part in a collaboration session in a noisy environment? You can now mute your own audio by mousing over your videoscreen and clicking on the microphone icon. Your videoscreen will become outlined in red to indicate that 'mute' is on. Click on the same icon to unmute yourself.

If you are a room admin, you can also mute and unmute other room members' audio by mousing over their videoscreens.

8 Mar 2019

Disallow content-editing by other room members in Presentation mode


As the room admin, when you turn on the Presentation mode (one way sync), you get to control what everyone sees in the room, and other room members are not allowed to switch screens. With this enhancement, other room members will also not be allowed to edit and annotate on the content.

Better control, more efficient collaboration.

Note: only room admins can change interaction modes between Collaboration/Presentation, Enable Sync/Disable Sync.

4 Mar 2019

Show screenshare/visualiser video instantly


Turn on your screenshare or visualiser, and everyone else can see what you are looking at instantly in an expanded video in the centre of his or her own screen.

21 Feb 2019

Quick-invite a new user from within the virtual room via mobile number


Wish to invite someone to join you in the virtual room right away? No need to exit the virtual room to do so. All it takes is just three easy steps below:

  1. Click on the blue "+ Invite" button within the virtual room
  2. On the dialpad that pops up, enter the new user's name and mobile number to send him or her an SMS invite
  3. Upon clicking on the link provided in the SMS, the new user will be directed straight into the virtual room, without needing to key in any OTP.

22 Jan 2019

Keep selected video always visible on top with 'Picture in Picture' feature


You can now view an uploaded document together with screenshared video, or view someone in a group session more clearly.

Mouse over any room member's video or screenshare/visualiser video that you want prominently displayed on top of other underlying content on your screen, and click on the "Picture in Picture" icon. Your selected video will be duplicated in a bigger pop-up videoscreen, which you can move around and even resize as you wish. Even when you switch between Content/Sketch/Type tabs or files, your selected video will always appear 'floating' on top.

15 Jan 2019

Faces always stay visible



All room members' videoscreens are always visible throughout the virtual collaboration, whether you are screensharing or editing.

10 Jan 2019

ClassDo on mobile: collaborate on-the-go



Effective virtual teaching, learning and collaboration are now possible for those who are always on the move, via ClassDo on mobile. You can upload photos and documents, read and annotate on content in sync, draw and type in sync, submit and mark homework, etc on ClassDo Mobile, just like you do on desktops and laptops. No download required; just launch on Chrome and Safari browser as usual.

2 Jan 2019

Record your collaboration sessions in HD video/audio



If you are a room admin, you can now choose to record any part of your collaboration session. Unique to ClassDo, our recording feature captures the full interactions of the session, in exactly the same way as you view it on your screen during the session. This means that you will be able to see everyone as well as the content collaboration process in the recorded video.

You can also readily access the recorded videos (stored on ClassDo cloud), download and disseminate them to your room members in any way as you like it!

Turn on recording at Tools -> Recording.

Note: only room admins can turn on recording.

28 Dec 2018

Enhanced collaborative Typepad


Each room member can change the font type, size and colour of what he or she types. This helps to better distinguish the content created by different room members.

29 Nov 2018

Enhanced editing tools for Content and Sketchpad


More creative virtual collaboration made easy with:

26 Sep 2018

Your online classroom now runs on Safari too!


All supported devices:

All supported browsers:
Google Chrome or Safari

17 May 2018

Three types of screen synchronisation


  1. Sync off mode (no sync) : This is when you want students to do their work individually, thus every person in the room are looking at different screens.

  2. Presentation mode (one way sync) : Only the room owner (teacher) gets to control what everyone sees in the room. The students are not allowed to switch screens.

  3. Collaboration mode (multi-way sync) : Everyone in the room is allowed to switch screens, and it will be synced across so that everyone is seeing the same thing.

10 May 2018

Deleting contents, tabs... etc


You can now delete any documents you have uploaded. Typepads and Sketchpads that you have created can also be deleted.

Note that however, you can only delete what you have created. In the same classroom, if the content was uploaded by someone else, or if the sketch/textpad is created by another person, you cannot delete them.

30 Apr 2018

Undo and redo for Sketchpads/annotations


While you're drawing shapes on books or the Sketchpad, oftentimes you need to undo/redo what you've done. You can do so right now.

23 Apr 2018

Management features for organisations


For each person you invite into your organizations, you can now choose whether they have the following privileges :

18 Apr 2018

Your own logo and branding

For example, "Love to Learn"



If you'd like to use your own logo and branding in your own online classroom, please let us know.

30 Mar 2018

Take a mobile photo and send to classroom


Now you can scan any papers/books directly from your mobile into the classroom

29 Mar 2018

Screen sharing


Everyone can share their screens at the same time, no need to unshare before allowing someone else to share.

22 Mar 2018

Send live video from mobile to classroom


This is very useful when you want to show everybody what you're writing on paper

19 Mar 2018

Annotate on uploaded books/documents


13 Mar 2018

New document viewer with touchscreen support


New document viewer, with page swipe support for touchscreens

1 Mar 2018

Detailed teaching history


No more admin. You can bill your students easily. Because through the month you can see how long you spent in each room, with whom, and for what duration.

What can you do with your online classroom?

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