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Free Online Workshop for Tutors & Tuition Centre Owners (Sep 2019): How to Build a Successful Online Tutoring Business

Are you a tutor who wish to take advantage of technology to teach more students online effectively from the comfort of your home, without having to incur exorbitant rental and commuting costs? Or you wish to adopt online tutoring to extend and complement your existing tuition services? Are you an owner of an existing tuition/enric…

欢乐学华文课堂:徐老师华文补习班 Online Chinese Tuition with Xu Laoshi

嗨, 你好!我是徐晓利老师。 我是一名华文补习老师, 为中小学生提供微型小组(2-4人)线上华文补习班。 我毕业于中国辽宁师范大学汉语言文学专业。 Hi, I am Xu Laoshi. I provide online Chinese tuition for primary and secondary school students in small groups of two to four students. I graduated from Liaoning Normal University, a teacher training university in China. 我的教学经验 My Teaching Experience 在中国政府中学从事华文教学…