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Free Online Workshop for Tutors & Tuition Centre Owners (Sep 2019): How to Build a Successful Online Tutoring Business

Jason Lee

Are you a tutor who wish to take advantage of technology to teach more students online effectively from the comfort of your home, without having to incur exorbitant rental and commuting costs? Or you wish to adopt online tutoring to extend and complement your existing tuition services?

Are you an owner of an existing tuition/enrichment centre or language school, who is exploring online tutoring as a means to differentiate your business with value-added online academic consultations? Or you're wishing for a cost-effective means to offer more personalised, on-demand, topic-targeted booster classes to better cater to those students who need them? Or perhaps you are looking for an efficient way to train your big pool of tutors and instructors who have their own busy schedules?

Hi, I'm Jason Lee. If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above, I'm here to show you how you can do all the above.

A little self-intro

Through sharing with you my personal experience in online tutoring in this workshop, the mistakes I made as a greenhorn and lessons I've learnt (the hard way), as well as best practices, techniques and tips I've picked up, I aim to make your entry into online tutoring much easier, so that you can reap the benefits more quickly.

My own experience of "why teach online?"

Worried that you are not so IT-savvy? Don't worry; this workshop is suitable for beginners as well! I will teach you the techniques to be successful in tutoring online.

What past workshop participants say

"An eye-opener"
"I learnt how to scale my business"
"It lowered my resistance"

Online workshop programme

Segment Topics
Welcome Self-introduction
Why do online tutoring Why not be a home tutor or open a traditional tuition centre?
Case studies
Future trends
Differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace
Demonstration of online tutoring platform Setting up your hardware
Online teaching tools
How to start doing online tutoring How to promote online tutoring to students and parents
How to pilot online tutoring and onboard your students
First-timer and ongoing best practices
Managing online student behaviour
How to price your online tutoring service

Particpants' takeaways

As a workshop participant, you will learn:

How does your online classroom look like?

Workshop venue: Online! (on

I'll send you an invite to a virtual collaboration room on ClassDo before the online workshop. You just need to log into on Google Chrome to accept the invite to join the workshop.

If you do not have Google Chrome, download it for free here.

Workshop dates & times

18 & 26 Sep 2019 (timing varies, see details on the registration form in the link below)

Note: If you're interested, but these dates doesn't work for you, please let me know your preferred and available dates in the form below.

Workshop fee: FREE!!!!

Hardware requirements

Desktop/laptop/tabl/mobile phone (with Google Chrome or Safari browser), webcam, headphones/earphones, mobile phone, strong and stable internet connection

View detailed technical requirements.

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Please contact Jason Lee at +65-9693-4636 (Whatsapp)