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ClassDo Onboarding Self-Help Guide for Mendaki

Welcome to ClassDo! Get prepared to host your classes in ClassDo's virtual collaboration rooms by following these steps below.

1. System & Hardware Requirements

ClassDo works seamlessly on your laptop, desktop computers, Chromebooks, tablets and mobile phones - PC, Mac, Android, ChromeOS and iOS.

Recommended hardware specifications

Recommended optional accessories

For more details, please read our recommended specs for Windows PC, Mac and Chromebooks.

2. Internet Browser

ClassDo works on Google Chrome and Safari. We strongly recommend Chrome for best virtual room experience. Please avoid Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer as they have poor support for webconferencing.

If you do not have Chrome on your device currently, you can download it for free here.

3. Internet Speed

ClassDo delivers in-sync video and audio livestreaming experience through our stable and fast optic fibre connection. However, the speed of your (and your students') internet connection can affect the quality of your virtual room experience and videostreaming.

Regardless of the type of internet connection you are using (broadband, public WiFi, mobile 4G), we strongly recommend that you (as well as your students) run a simple and quick speed test before your virtual room lesson.

How to run a speed test

For best virtual room experience, we recommend the following speeds:

Note: If you are using ADSL currently, contact your internet service provider to upgrade it to broadband.

4. Sign-Up/Login

Sign up for a free account on ClassDo in four easy steps:

You are now ready to create an organisation, create a virtual room, invite someone to your room via his or her mobile phone number or email address, and explore our virtual room features! Here's how you can invite students to your room.

If your organisation administrator has sent you an email or SMS invite, simply follow the instructions in the email or SMS.

5. Checking Your Webcam and Microphone

In your virtual room, if you are not able to see yourself or your student in the VIDEOCHAT, try to turn on your webcam with this webcam troubleshooting checklist.

If you are not able to hear your students or vice versa, try to turn on your mic with this mic troubleshooting checklist.

6. ClassDo Technical Support

Please first refer to this guide and our help pages referenced above to try troubleshooting. If the problem persists, please reach out to us via the chat function (green circle at the bottom right corner of the ClassDo dashboard), or email us at