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❓ My webcam does not work

Here are some checklists

✔ Software keys to turn on the webcam

In certain computers, there is a function key button that you need to press to turn the webcam on. For example, for Lenovo laptops, it will be "Fn" + "F7" key

✔ Hardware switches to turn on the webcam

Look around your laptop, sometimes there is a toggle switch to turn your webcam on/off

✔ Allowing webcam use in browser

When you entered the classroom, did you "Allow" the use of the camera?

✔ Using the Chrome browser

Are you using the Google Chrome browser? It's the most reliable in getting your video working. If you don't, you can download it here

✔ Windows/Mac settings menu

Is Windows/Mac configured to use the correct microphone?

✔ Installing a proper external webcam driver

If you're using an external webcam like a logitech, you may need to install the driver first.

✔ Plugging the external webcam in, and turning the power on

You can try plugging/unplugging the webcam, and find out of there are an on/off switches

✔ Quitting other software that uses the webcam, such as Skype

Software such as Skype may get in the way of the browser being able to use the webcam.

✔ Refresh your browser page

Sometimes, reloading the page may help enable the webcam to work

✔ Rebooting your computer

Rebookting a computer, especially Windows, sometimes can get a webcam to magically work