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Getting Started

Truly effective virtual collaboration is just a few steps away! Follow these steps to create your free ClassDo user account, your organisation and virtual room, and invite people to your room to start collaborating together instantly.

Step 1:  Log into

Go to on your Google Chrome browser (recommended) or Safari browser (if you are using iPad or iPhone). If you do not have Chrome, you can download it for free here.

On ClassDo's landing page, click  FREE SIGNUP/LOGIN.

Step 2:  Enter mobile number and One-Time-PIN (OTP)

Select your country code and enter your mobile number. Click SUBMIT.

Enter your six-digit OTP sent to your mobile number. Click SUBMIT.

Step 3:  Create your account

Enter your first and last names, check the box for 'I agree to the Terms of Use', and click NEXT.

Step 4:  Create your organisation

If you are the organisation owner, click  CREATE YOUR ORGANISATION.

Enter your organisation name.

If applicable, click UPLOAD LOGO, select the logo file from your device, and adjust the crop of your logo image by moving the button along the slider. When you are satisfied, click CROP.


Welcome to your new organisation's branded landing page

Step 5:  Set up your payment method

Before you can create rooms and invite members to collaborate with you, you need to set up your payment method. Completing this set-up will also entitle you to free usage credits worth US$20 for you to try ClassDo risk-free!

On the left panel, click  Settings -> Billing to access your organisation billing page.

Under the Payment Method section, click Register.

Enter your credit card number, expiry date and three-digit CVC security code. Click SAVE.

Step 6:  Create your room, invite room members

Refresh your browser to reload the webpage.

On the left panel, click Rooms -> Create new room.

If you wish to invite someone by his mobile number (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for ease of login), click Invite by phone number -> NEXT.

Enter the mobile number and the name of the person you wish to invite. Click ADD.

Alternatively, you can invite someone by his email address. Enter the email address and name of the person you wish to invite. Click ADD.

When you are done with inviting people to your room, click NEXT.

Enter a name for your room and click CREATE.

Your new room is ready! On the left panel, click to select the name of the new room.

On this Room Landing Page, you can click ENTER ROOM to start live video collaboration. You can also leave messages for your room members on the room chat, check who has not accepted your room invite, or invite more new members, etc.

How can the person you have invited to a virtual room log in and accept your room invite? Read our guide on how to accept a room invite.