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BuildingBloCS 2018 : Getting started with learning and collaborating online


Welcome to BuildingBloCS 2018!

From now till the conference, you can collaborate and learn from each other remotely, without travelling at all.

Have group conversations via video conference (recommended up to 5 people unless your bandwidth is really good), show everyone your code via screenshare, upload materials to share, draw and write together,...

Meet each other whenever you're free. Have fun learning from one another, have fun collaborating with each other.

What can you do with your online collaboration space?

Please watch this video of some creative ways to collaborate. The screenshare and typepads features will likely be most useful, as you show each other your code

Getting started

Step 1 : Look for an email invite in your mailbox


Click on the Join BuildingBloCS 2018 button, and create an account/sign in

**Note : If you haven't received an email yet, please contact **

Step 2a (Optional) : Create a room

You can skip this step, if someone else has already done the work of creating a room, and invited you into the room.

Otherwise, you can create your own rooms, and invite different BuildingBloCS members into each respective room. You can call your rooms whatever names you want, be it creative or practical.


Step 2b (Optional) : Inviting someone into the room

You can invite anyone who is a BuildingBloCS participant into your room. Just click on "+ invite more students"


Step 3 : (This is the fun part) Enter your room(s) and collaborate !!


Need help ?

Technical assistance

There are a LOT of articles and good information on

or, click this magic chat button, on the bottom right of any screen. We'll be happy to help


BuildingBloCS related questions

Please contact