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Best Practices for Onboarding New Tutors/Trainers and Students/Trainees

1.    Org Admin must confirm with the students/trainees that they will have access to the mobile phones that they have registered with for every online class. This is to ensure the students will be able to receive the OTP when they are logging in for their lessons.

2.    Org Admin should send room invites via mobile number to students and tutors at least one week before their trial class or first lesson with these step-by-step onboarding instructions:

3.   New students should complete the onboarding process  at least one day before their trial class or first lesson, including device test and internet speed test.

4.   It is highly recommended for Org Admin or tutor (depending on your organisation’s SOP) to check in with students at least one day before their trial class or first lesson to ensure student has completed the onboarding process and done the necessary tests. If possible, arrange a brief, 5-minute online meet-up with the students in the virtual room. This can go a long way in ensuring a smooth, disruption-free lesson.

5.   Students must have headset with built-in mic for online lessons.

6.   It is highly recommended for students and tutors to run device test and internet speed test before every lesson.

7.   Org Admin must assign tutors as room hosts (i.e. with added room admin rights) after the tutors have accepted the room invites, before the tutors start their online lessons. This will enable tutors to access certain room admin-only features such as recording, changing between collaboration and presentation modes, ability to mute students, etc.